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Tonya Esquibel


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District 17

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Tonya was born in Charlotte, North Carolina and after 6 months she moved in with her grandparents who lived on a farm in Tecula, Texas! When she wasn't playing in the mud or chasing the chickens, she was on the road. Her grandfather was a welder and worked on gas pipelines therefore they traveled a lot. Tonya grew up on the road and often found herself attending multiple schools each calendar year. Her home constantly changed which naturally brought challenges at a very young age. Her past is what has made her the woman she is today. Tonya has such a big heart for people and community and truly tries to understand each individual's story no matter how different they are or their way of life is. Tonya is very intuitive of others and always wants to make everyone feel welcomed. 


As Tonya got older, she knew she wanted to make a difference in people's lives. She started college right after high school and quickly fell in love with helping others. She soon found a job which allowed her to help people purchase their first home. She started working full-time in the home mortgage industry in November of 1995 with CTX Mortgages. Being the quick learner that she is, she was quickly promoted in less than two years and had the opportunity to run all of the company's branch operations. With her career quickly taking off, she moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 1997. Since then, she has been in the top 1% in the nation with her performance and is carving the way for other females to be at the top of their business. She loves to help train people and help others be the best version of themselves while providing homes to families all across the Southeast region. She wasn't done there, she desperately craved to help others beyond the company's reach and wanted to educate others on the process of owning a home. She then started her own radio show, The Tonya Esquibel Real Estate Show, with the vision of helping people learn the value of home ownership. She truly believes that owning a home is the first and most important step to building wealth and should be available to everyone.


Outside of Tonya's career life, she dedicates her time to being a loving wife and mother! She met her husband Danny back in Texas and they have been together for 33 years!

They have two children, a son (33) and a daughter (30) who both live here in Tennessee. They recently added a new addition, an adorable granddaughter who just turned two years old. Being a mother and now a grandmother is truly one of the greatest gifts she has experienced in her life at home. 


She is constantly finding new ways to be involved within her community and positively impacting the lives of others. She recently had an opportunity to go on a trip to Israel. Tonya felt called to learn more about her Faith and go deeper into experiencing different people and cultures. After her trip to Israel, she completed her unfinished college journey and received her Bachelor's in Christian Leadership locally at Trevecca Nazarene University. Completing her degree after 30 years has helped her get to know herself better and get to know her neighbors and community on a deeper level. Along with her degree she has been involved with local charities throughout the years. Some of which include End Slavery, volunteering at Youth Life Learning Center, and is a Donor for Wounded Warriors. In 2019 Tonya was awarded as the leading individual fundraiser for Tennessee Voices. Her goal is to help others at all times no matter the cost. She believes that with the rapid growth in Nashville now is the time to continue to work and service her community, it couldn’t be coming into her life at a better time. Her life experiences are what motivated her to run for councilwoman of District 17. She promises to make a genuine impact and push for what needs to be done here locally within not only yours, but her own community as well. She would love your input so that she can help give a voice to the people and let their opinions be known to the Nashville Council. Email her and have a conversation!

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