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Save Our Racetrack and Fairgrounds
Elect Tonya Esquibel

Let's Connect the Dots

The racetrack and fairgrounds have been around since 1904, and we must protect our history! There's an organization called "CARE" that is spreading misinformation, claiming that the BMS deal will cost taxpayers $160 million. That is completely false. The neighboring soccer stadium, which is a great addition to our city, has made statements suggesting that there is no need to have two 30,000-person venues right next to each other. If that's the case, they should have chosen a different location for their stadium! I believe the racetrack and fairgrounds can coexist, but removing the fairgrounds should not be an option. There is a referendum in place protecting the racetrack and fairgrounds. However, we are under the assumption that CARE wants to remove the referendum indefinitely in order to create more mixed commercial development. They don't want the racetrack to renew its lease because then they cannot profit from the land that they want to take away from the people of Nashville. Why else would they not support the racetrack deal? It is currently costing us taxpayers money, and Bristol Motors simply wants to transform our track into a world-class facility.

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